ステップ2-2 リスニング


Lisa ate an egg and some sandwiches for lunch.
Yuta’s family lives in the suburbs house.
Yuta’s families are all very well.
Yuta is a graduate of the University of Tokyo.
Cheese and butter are made of milk.
Health is better than wealth.
This puzzle was not completed in a day.
My mother waters the flowers once a day.
The Eiffel Tower looks more beautiful from a distance.
Can you give me a hint?
Ken wants to buy a hybrid car.
Lisa is a clever girl.
John wishes to be an Edison.
Yuta was a pride in our class.
The chief priest has used a luxury stone to make a grave.
The food company is expected a rapid growth in this fiscal year.
Eri keeps a dog. The dog is very small.
Please close the window.
The sun is shining in the sky.
The old are not happier than the young.
Both the players are good in the world championship.
Spring is the first season of the year.
The principal of our school is a good English speaker.
In England, salt is sold by the pound.
Yuta patted me on the shoulder.

代名詞 リスニング

We work in a manufacturing factory.
Lisa got very sick. Her mother took care of her.
You all went out for shopping.
He has his own sense of sports.
They are saying that society is in the midst of the recession.
This eraser is mine, and those pencils are theirs.
John introduced himself to Lisa at the office.
I left a message on my desk, but John couldn’t understand it.
Ken wanted to fly there directly, but it wasn’t possible.
Eri likes eating sweets, but she won’t admit it.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith quarreled.  Nobody would have thought it.
“Listen. That’s the bell.” “It’s the delivery clerk.”
“What was that noise?” “It was our dogs.”
This is Mari and that is Eri.
I don’t like these, but I’ll take those.
We have the right to express our thoughts freely.  This is called freedom of speech.
Mari said that she had met Eri at the party, but that was a lie.
The air of Kyushu is cleaner than that of Tokyo.
Some believe that money is everything.
I respect some on the history of modern times.
Yuta didn’t understand some of the lectures.
You may take any of these books.
John doesn’t lend his notes to any of the students.
Do any of the classmates agree with you?
I have lost my watch. I must buy one.
Ken has two brothers. One is in Tokyo, and the other is in Fukuoka.
One of his friends is French, and the others are American.
I don’t like this cap. Show me another.
Either of the two answers will be accepted by the committee.
Both of them speak German, but neither speaks French.
Each of the children has received 2000 yen.
All of my families were waiting for Yuta at the station.
All of our furniture was damaged by the flooding of the river.


Reading English books is not easy.
We enjoyed watching a festival parade.
Eri’s hobby is singing popular songs.
I am fond of playing tennis. 
Please forgive me for not answering your e-mail.
Yuta is proud of having won the prize.
I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her.
I felt like talking to that amiable woman then.
We are looking forward to meeting Yuta’s fiancé.
There is no selecting where to work in my life.
It is no use shouting like that in a court.
China is worth visiting historical places.
You are not used to studying late at night.
Since I am busy doing my job, I cannot go out of my office.
You object to following the opinion of many of them.
To climb the tower is a lot of fun.
Yuta decided to become a representative of the event.
My father’s job is to buy clothes in Shanghai.
He promised not to come again here.
Lisa seems to have been ill.
The stone is too heavy for him to lift. 
Yuta is rich enough to buy a 4K television. 
The baby seems to be asleep peacefully on the sofa. 
The theater happened to be crowded for an event yesterday.
Mari is sure to come by nine o`clock. 
What to learn next is our question. 
Please tell me when to leave Fukuoka.
The problem was where to eat lunch. 


That there is an Italian restaurant near here is very thankful for this area.
Naturally we know that our culture is different from your country.
I am afraid that it will be rainy from the morning of tomorrow.
The teacher taught us that English was a global international language.
The realistic problem is that I have no money to rent a room.
Columbus went through the belief that the world is round.
I know the fact that my older brother was promoted to a sales manager.
Did you think of the good idea that people will be surprised?
I don’t agree to the thoughts that you present to the public tomorrow.
Did you hear the news that John passed the exam?
Whether Yuta will come or not is not clear as of now.
I asked Eri whether she wanted something hot.
The unclear point is whether Ken will accept our offer.
John doubted if Mari would come back by dinner time.
When Ken leaves for Tokyo has not been told to his family yet.
We want to know who the president chose as a leader among us.
Do you remember where you met Mari?
The problem is why we must finish this job by tomorrow.
Ask Yuta what he has done about nine o’clock last night.
What my aunt said about Fukuoka city was the story interesting very much.
Yuta will do what he can do for you.
As far as I know, Ken is not what he used to be.


All the doors were open by a gust of wind.
I get nervous before a tee shot of golf.
Yuta kept calm during the earthquake shaking intensely.
Mari left all the doors open.
You must keep your room clean.
Eri found her homework half-finished.
The children stood waiting for a bus.
It kept raining for a week.
Yuta looked satisfied with my explanation.
The house remains covered with deep snow.
The teacher sat surrounded by his students.
Eri saw Yuta playing tennis after school.
I felt my car shaking terribly.
You must not keep the fire burning in the garden.
I heard my name called from behind.
When Ken got up, he found his leg broken.
I saw Mari leave the room last night.
I felt my hands tremble at the first teeing ground.
Ken made his son learn English in the U.K.
Let me explain the report in detail at today’s meeting.
I don’t like to have you go for a dinner with him.
I had my watch mend by the person of the shop.
I had Mari take my photo.
I want you to cook for me.
The people believe Matsuyama to be a genius among world golfers.
My father allowed Yuta to study abroad. 
My mother told me to eat vegetables more.
Good health enabled him to work day and night.
The storm prevented us from going on the boat trip.
This road takes you to the station as a short cut.


There is only one convenience store in this area.
There were two bridges across the river before.
Is there any milk in the bottle?
There will be a dance party at the community center tomorrow.
There was no time to explain the situation.
There has been news of the marriage from my son now.
The problem is that there is lack of policy.
It will snow this afternoon.
It took me quite a long time to get there.
It costs me about four million yen to buy the hybrid car.
It is a long way from here to the station.
Before it gets dark, let’s say good-by.
It is all over with me.
It is easy to add pictures to the document.
It makes me sad to think of her death. 
Is it difficult for him to read books in English?
It was careless of her to go out alone.
It is important that you follow the rules.
It is said that he is the richest man in this shopping arcade.
Is it a pity that she doesn’t come to our party?
It is up to you whether you stay or not here.
It is not clear why he goes to the foreign country by the end of this year.
It was I that met Ken just at ten o’clock of yesterday.
It was Ken that I met just at ten o’clock of yesterday.
It was just at ten o’clock that I met Ken yesterday.
It was yesterday that I met Ken just at ten o’clock.
It was because Ken was lazy that Ken failed.
Please do be present at the party.
This is the very record that I was looking for.
The President himself said so.
What on earth are you doing here?
She went to the movies. So did I.
He doesn’t like tea. Neither do I.